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Most critical information can be found on this page or the "Unofficial Facebook Page" Check back before every meeting just in case something new comes up as is the new norm.  Stay safe and healthy!!!!

Message from the Church :
Grace Presbyterian will not be opening 
still.  However, we are able to utilize their restrooms during our outside, in person meetings.  

The in person meeting information is below: 
In person meetings will start with the following schedule:
Tuesday 7 p.m.
Wednesday 12 p.m
Thursday 7 p.m.
Saturday 9 a.m.
These meetings will follow the same format as before.
At this time All zoom meetings WILL continue as they were, with no change,.
Please be aware for those who may wish to attend the in person meetings, these will only be outside on the deck. 
We do not at this time have access to any inside buildings 
(only exception being the restroom)

If you attend, please be aware of the following.
Bring your own chair, your own beverage, your mask,
we will have masks in the event someone does not have theirs., and sanitizer available. There will be NO smoking on the deck , We need to social distance at 6 ft apart. Although yes we are outside , it will be our individual responsibility to put safety guidelines first.
There will be a bin with readings, a bucket for donations , masks , sanitizer and wipes for each individual meeting.
Responsibility Statement: 
I am responsible, when anyone, anywhere, reaches out for help, I want the hand of AA always to be there, and for that I am responsible.

In response to COVID-19 and to prevent transmission of the virus, Graceland Group AA is now offering online Zoom meetings in place of the physical meetings now that the "Shelter in Place" order has been given for Williamson County.. Please find corresponding zoom meetings below:

Graceland Group AA
1705 Gattis School Rd #4a, Round Rock, TX 78664
Online Zoom meeting schedule
If you need to dial in manually, see list at the bottom of this page.
(The blue buttons FURTHER down this page to auto-dial or join conference if you are on a smartphone)

Meeting Description

Days of week


Via web or phone app

Dial into the meeting

Noon Daily Meeting

Tuesday - Friday (b-day meeting last Friday of Month

12:00 PM

7PM Weeknights Meeting  (except Friday Womens)


7:00 PM

6pm last Saturday of the month Virtual potluck and Birthday Celebration


6:00 PM

To Manually dial in to the meetings: phone number is 346-248-7799 and then the appropriate code

  • Noon Daily Meeting  Tuesday - Friday 12:00PM ---   630-818-829
  • Women's Noon Monday  Monday 12:00PM---   955-537-068
  • ​7 PM Weeknights Meeting  (except Friday Women's) Monday - Friday 7:00 PM  --- 811-622-473
  • Women's Fri 7PM Meeting Friday 7:00PM ---  800-997-118
  • 5:30PM Thursday Meeting Thursday 5:30PM ---  115-498-672
  • ​Saturday 9AM Meeting Saturday 9:00AM ---  815-630-743

Helpful hints, tips/tricks and basic online etiquette:

● Your line will be on MUTE when you enter the room and you will have the  ability to turn on your video. 

● Also, if you are about to unmute yourself so you can share, please turn the volume down on your TV or radio.

● To raise your hand, click on the “Participants” icon at the bottom of your  screen (on desktop), and you will see an option to raise your hand on the  bottom right side of the screen under the list of names. 

● Features are similar on phone and tablet.

● The chair can either call on people who have raised their hands virtually or  you can simply unmute your mic and share if no one is starting. 
● *****Please re-mute your mic after sharing. ****
● Per usual - no interruption or cross-sharing.

● Please sign up for a spot as far in advance as possible - the Zoom  permanent admin (Davis S. for the time being) will send you meeting instructions for Zoom. 

● You will be responsible for opening your meeting and making sure it runs  smoothly. The fellowship will depend on you and your service. 

● The meeting room will be open to join for fellowship and catching up.

● The Chairperson should be online in the meeting link
● All participants are invited to join the meeting at that time

● Please use the meeting format sent to you by the Zoom Administrator.
● Since we can’t give out chips online, it just might be encouraging to show
some recognition and support.

"Spilled beans"  by JM   Mahvelous